Jimmy Cliff Tour Sept 2013

Thanks to everyone who supported me across the US. Great times on the road opening for Jimmy Cliff. Here’s a review of my performance opening in Washington DC at The Howard Theatre   http://www.conga.tv/content/ethan-tucker-and-his-guitar

Misunderstood near completion!

Concepts for the new Ethan Tucker CD cover Misunderstood are nearly complete. Ethan will continue his theme from his last album Lost Between by keeping the album artwork simple but intriguing. Kirsten Shultz spent hours working concepts for the new album. Just wait a few more months and you’ll see what turned out for theContinue Reading

September 05th, 2012

Ethan’s latest album with the jazzy title track “Misunderstood” will be released in the early spring of 2013 and contains an eclectic, soulful mix of electric and acoustic material with stirring songs such as “Tease Me” and “Coming Home” as well as two tracks produced by Michael Franti “Cool Kids” and “Dance the Night Away”.Continue Reading