September 05th, 2012

Ethan’s latest album with the jazzy title track “Misunderstood” will be released in the early spring of 2013 and contains an eclectic, soulful mix of electric and acoustic material with stirring songs such as “Tease Me” and “Coming Home” as well as two tracks produced by Michael Franti “Cool Kids” and “Dance the Night Away”. In May 2012 Ethan joined Michael at his studio in San Francisco to work on several songs. What came out of this collaboration was an infusion of Michael’s pop laden style and Ethan’s crafty songwriting to produce an upbeat, energetic and positive sound with “Dance the Night Away” and “Cool Kids” These songs are sure to keep the dance hall rocking. Many other tracks on the album were produced in Seattle, WA and Boise, ID several of which are stirring, soulful blues songs with Ethan’s powerful voice carrying songs such as “Crazy” and “Tease Me”. Other songs on the Album such as “Coming Home” have a more folk inflected groove as Ethan’s harmonic is reminiscent of an earlier time in music” All I Need” the first single and track from the “Misunderstood”  will quickly let fans of earlier material know this album’s character as its pop inflected ska beats make a swift departure from his previous album “Lost Between”

Ethan has just finished playing several shows with Michael Franti and Spearhead  and the shows were a tremendous success with Michael performing Ethan’s “How the Cool Kids Dance” as Ethan joined Spearhead on Stage for this song and several others.